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DAT's first album release - Manitou was recorded live at The Totah Theater in Farmington, New Mexico. Representing Delbert's Navajo Culture though melodies inspired by ancient songs of love and war - The Delbert Anderson Trio has infused these songs with their unique blend of jazz and signature tracks like "Iron Horse Gallup" to bop inspired burners like "IDK" - "Manitou" takes the listener on a very unique voyage that could only be captained by Delbert Anderson, Nicholas Lucero and Mike McCluhan.

A New Reality released April 2004 in the USA, UK, Italy, Australia, and Japan simultaneously, and continues to receive media attention. Knuckles Launches his A New Reality” Tour on the heals of his Bac N da Day success around the globe. Bac N da Day is the first collaboration in 20 years with long time friend, House legend and co writer Jamie Principle. His second single Matter of Time features Nicki Richards, who is one of the most sought after vocalists in the USA. She works with everyone from Janet Jackson to Stevie Wonder. A breath of fresh air, Nicki is featured on half the album and is backed by some of the most amazing vocalists the business has to offer. She also sings with Will Downing who sings backing vocals for her on What’s Goin On .

This is not to say that Islamist hardliners have given wayang a completely free ride. Performances have occasionally been broken up by mobs accusing them of being unIslamic. And in 2011, four statues of wayang characters, including those of Bhima, Ghatotkacha and Nakula-Sahadeva, were destroyed in Purwakarta, a city in West Java.

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Greg Churchill - Infused Trash / PlutonicGreg Churchill - Infused Trash / Plutonic